Spanish vocal repertoire project

Project Canción Española with

"Escuela superior de Canto, Madrid"


Interpretation of Spanish Vocal Repertoire

July 5-13, 2017


Jorge Robaina

Professors of Vocal Repertoire at the “Escuela Superior de Canto de Madrid”

Nan Maro Babakhanian, mezzosoprano

Director, Project Cancíon Española

Helen Tintes-Schuermann, contralto

Ave Maria University, Florida

Emilio González Sanz, tenor

Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid”

Juan Miguel Jiménez

Escuela Municipal de Flamenco, Granada

Master Classes and Lectures


Project Canción Española presents a 10 day course of daily master classes with Jorge Robaina, distinguished faculty of the “Escuela Superior de Canto” in the Palacio Bauer in Madrid near the Prado Museum, the National Archives and the Royal Opera House. Nan Maro Babakhanian, Director of Project Canción Española will also offer master classes.  Spanish and Flamenco are included. 

 The course includes daily master classes and private sessions of performance and interpretation, with extra lectures, Spanish and Flamenco scheduled at the beginning and end of the day.

In addition to lectures, concerts, masterclasses and private coachings, all students will be invited to participate in various activities around Madrid such as museum visits, musical archive visits,  excursions to nearby towns such as Segovia or Toledo and, of course a Paella and/or Cocido meal. (Participants pay only for the activities they choose to do.  The excursions to other towns will be day trips from Madrid and will most likely be scheduled on the weekend of July 8-9. If any participants wish to travel around Spain before or after the course we will be happy to assist in any way possible)

Course Cost: 500 Euros

Approximate Housing Cost: 35 night in Madrid near school.

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